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From cover to cover, In the Herd is a treasure. Each and every photograph captures the spirit and majesty of both the horses and the lands they inhabit. Turning a page becomes both harder and easier to do as you become more and more enchanted with the story of the Chincoteague ponies and Assateague horses. If there is one book that I will never part with, it's In the Herd.   ~ Beth Polazzo

When I saw this book I was overwhelmed by the unbelievable photography – every photograph Jayne took shows true love and emotion for these horses and ponies. I recommend this book for everyone – whether you’re a horse lover or not – each picture jumps out at you – the images are larger than life.”    ~ Marilyn Reis

In the Herd displays Jayne's talent as a photographer and her understanding of the equine psyche.  She skillfully and accurately captures everyday life within the herd, shows how horses communicate within their hierarchy, and allows one to feel the peaceful spirit and majesty of horses in their natural surroundings. In the Herd touches your soul and the photography fills your senses, making one feel as though you are also IN THE HERD.   ~ Trudy Johnson

Stunning!   ~ Andy Bromberg

I am an artist whose love for horses has spanned her entire life. These animals have inspired a personal library collection of over 350+ horse photography books. Jayne M. Silberman’s book, In the Herd, is a true treasure. The intimate close ups of the Assateague Island horses are beautiful. I appreciate her eye and love for these horses through her images. Any horse lover would be delighted to have this exceptional and engaging book for their own.   ~ Sheri Cook,  HAPPY HORSE STUDIO